"Bang for your buck!"

Easy ways to increase your ROI when using Print Marketing…

 Print Marketing is a great way to stand out and get your message exactly into the hands of your potential customers.  But where do you start?

Consider the Who, What When and Where’s.  If you plan on marketing through any type of print medium, consider the frequency in which your ad will be seen, whom it will be seen by, how many people will be have access to your ad, and where your ad will be seen. This may seem irrelevant to some people, however you must ask yourself the obvious question—Why advertise and market in a printed piece, or anywhere for that matter, if the content won’t be seen by your potential customers?  Direct response marketing provided the “right” messages to  “right” person at the “right” time so you connect on a much more efficient and personal level.

Integrate your creativity, throughout your marketing communications.  Constantly seek new ways to have consumers interact with your ads. This can actually be a lot harder than it may seem, however fun, creative, and unique approaches are a sure way to encourage shoppers to purchase and use your products.

Offer free samples.  This allows potential buyer has an understanding of what it is like to use your products.  This will make them feel comfortable in the sense that you trust them to try out your product first.  There are no guarantees that a purchase will be made, however you have a higher chance of a direct response with the free sample.

Make sure you have a call to action. You want to have something that encourages the viewer to reach out or complete some sort of action. Whether it’s getting them to sign up, make a purchase, or just visit your store, make sure to include a call to action that isn’t demanding too much and is easy to accomplish.

Keep these simple steps in mind whenever you venture into the world of Print marketing: know your audience, rely on your message, find ways to attract potential buyers, offer samples, be bold and creative and don’t forget to ask that they buy your product!

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