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If you are designing an outdoor sign, you want to create a sign that lasts. While the design and messaging are undeniably important, you should not overlook the materials used to create the sign. The last thing you want is to spend time, energy, and money on an outdoor sign, only for it to quickly decay and become damaged after being exposed to the elements. That is why a metal outdoor sign is usually the best choice. If you opt for a metal outdoor sign, which metal material should you choose?

Dibond is the Best Metal for Outdoor Signs

Dibond signs are created using two lightweight metal aluminum sheets. These sheets are perfect for a custom design, and at the center of the two sheets is a plastic core that gives the sign bulk and durability. Put these materials together and you have a sturdy and dependable sign that combines a lightweight design with long-lasting materials.

Why is Dibond the Best Metal for Outdoor Signs?

So what separates Dibond signs from the pack? The main benefit of a metal Dibond sign is that it is weather resistant. While other outdoor signs can become faded from exposure to the sun or tattered by rain or snow, a metal Dibond sign retains its design regardless of the elements. Your sign can be in wild weather and soaked in water, and it will still look great without any rust or degradation. Not only that, but Dibond signs use non-toxic inks that are UV resistant. 


Along with its durability, metal Dibond signs are also incredibly versatile. The sign can be custom shaped into any design or shape, reflecting the unique vision you have for your business. No matter what design you have in mind, expert printers can create a metal Dibond design that perfectly fits your brand. 

Large or Small Signs

Whether you want a tiny sign for inside your store or a giant outdoor sign advertising your business, you can make a Dibond sign that suits your needs. The metal is incredibly versatile, giving you a litany of different design options.

Metal Dibond Signs at an Affordable Price

One would think a lightweight and durable sign would be incredibly pricey and stretch your marketing budget to the limit, but that is not the case. Dibond signs are affordable, making for an awesome investment for your business. For a one-time fee, you can print a sign that will last years outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions.  

Create Metal Dibond Signs at L+L Printers in San Diego

If you are interested in creating a durable and eye-catching outdoor metal sign for your business, opt for a metal Dibond sign from L+L Printers. We have been performing printing jobs for San Diego businesses for over 60 years, helping business owners create the perfect marketing materials for their brand. If you are interested in creating a metal Dibond sign, contact L+L Printers today by calling (858) 859-9044 for our San Diego office or (760) 477-0321 for our Carlsbad office.


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