Spooky Paper


Spooky Paper
How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters? Perhaps you host a Halloween party of your very own! Or maybe you enjoy the thrill of decorating your home for the holiday. We at L+L Printers love spooky decorations.

As Printers, we also love paper. Thankfully there are tons of great ideas to combine both of these loves into creative Halloween fun. Take a look at some of these fun DIY paper projects we’ve found to get you in the Halloween spirit. And post some of your fun Halloween paper ideas on our facebook.
Construction Paper Flying Bats!
Looking for something simple, and fun! This paper project can add a touch of the Halloween spirit to your home.




1) First download the Country Living template HERE.
2) Use black cardstock or construction paper. Walmart carries cardstock (50 sheets) for about $4.
3) Print the bat image and cut it out. If your printer is out of ink, simply hold a piece of paper up to your computer screen and softly trace it.


Dia De Los Muertos Skulls Masks


*paper plates or large round sheets of paper
*Popsicle sticks, sticks or pencils
*black construction paper
*glitter and other shiny bits (optional)

Decorate the face pattern and colors to your own liking, you can add gems and glitter if you wish to add some extra sparkle.



3D Masks

Up for a bit more of a challenge? Check out these amazing designs from Wintercroft (http://wintercroft.com/collections/masks)


They require you to purchase the pattern but they can be printed directly from your home computer.

Paper Pumpkins
A fun project, great for kids that can be used for Thanksgiving too!


• Orange card stock (A4 or Letter size) or orange construction paper (9 x 12 inches)
• Green construction paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Hole punch
• Green pipe cleaner

1. Fold and cut cardstock into 12 equal sections to come up with 8 roughly 1-inch wide strips.
2. Take 4 paper strips. Grab a pair and glue them together on one end to create a super long strip. Similarly, glue the 2 remaining strips together to create a 2nd long strip.
3. Position the 2 long strips into a cross pattern and glue them together at the center.
4. Glue the remaining short strips into a clock like pattern from the center of the cross.
5. Hole punch the ends of each strip to make a spot for the stem.
6. Use a small piece of rolled green construction paper (small enough to fit the hole punch) to create a stem.



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